Crazy May Snow in Southwest Missouri! Do You Remember?

It was a day where I kept thinking to myself, “O.K., this time of year, snow is unusual but if it does happen, it would only be overnight or early when temperatures are cold”. Nope! I kept looking out my window into the late morning and then into the afternoon and it wouldn’t stop.

It was May 3rd, 2013. 11 years ago today!

An upper air low pressure center was “cut-off” over the area which had cold air aloft and at the surface. This combined with enough moisture resulted in snow.

Springfield’s official total was 1.4″ but areas to the north and west received more with 2-4″ totals common between Highway 65 and I-49. Ash Grove reported 4.5″ over a two day period!

Record “low” high temperature occurred on this day. The high in Springfield as only 36 degrees (yes it can snow above freezing, depends on the temperature profile aloft).

This weather pattern was a three-day event from May 1-3, 2013 affecting areas from Missouri northward to Minnesota.

Missouri Climate Center Review