Severe Weather Chances for Today and Saturday

When June rolls around, thunderstorms often change their behavior for the Ozarks.

While the threat for tornadoes and individual severe storms tends to shift north in June, the threat for organized lines of severe thunderstorms increases overall, including for the Ozarks.

For the next two days, watch for late evening and overnight storms to visit the Ozarks. They will slide in from the W or NW.

It is also possible fir more isolated storms to fire up during the late afternoon.

The main threat with this set up is possible widespread severe winds, isolated severe winds and some large hail.

Shown below are the Storm Prediction Center forecasts for Friday (6/7) and Saturday (6/8). I also posted two images of simulated radar for the times indicated as produced by the HRRR weather model.

Keep an eye to the sky Friday and Saturday and have a way to get severe alerts at night!