Where’s the Snow?

With a big snow swath heading for the Ozarks, I thought I’d quickly look into the question: does it snow less in Springfield?

Quick answer: yes just a bit.

I attached two images. One is annual snowfall and the other is days of snow more than a tenth of an inch. Both are for Springfield, MO, from 1890 to 2022.

Just eyeballing it (not scientific!), we definitely have less per year over the past twenty years or so. Snow days are perhaps more sporadic over the same time period.

There is also a crude, close one eye, correlation to warm virus cold periods and total snow. Not a real shocker.

When time permits, I’ll load the raw data and do more statistical analysis.

Note that is does not address number of snow storms. Once again, another day!

If you would like to look at this data and more and for multiple stations, follow this link:

Snowfall Climatology Toolbox