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Non-Winter 2011-2012!

Springfield Temperatures Winter 2011-2012

As you already know, no snow! Or very little this winter 2011-2012.  Can it snow in March? Yes. Will it? Not likely!  The pattern into the middle of March looks quite warm.


Winter goes in the record books as the period of December, January and February.  In Springfield, all three winter months recorded above normal temperatures.

There were a total of 14 sixty-degree high temperature days over our winter months with the highest reading of 69 occurring in January.

Our coldest mornings, 10 degrees on both days, came to us on the weekend of February 11/12 (right before the “snowstorm”)

Missouri as a whole recorded its third warmest winter on record going back 117 winters.  Most of the country was above normal with many states in the northern and northeastern U.S. within the top five warmest on record.

The lower 48 states recorded the 4th warmest winter on record and the warmest since the year 2000.


The snow total stands at 2.8″ which is in a tie for second on the least snowiest winter list with winter 1931-1932. Nearly all of the Springfield snowfall came on two “events”: a post cold front on January 11/12 and what I would classify as the only storm of the season on February 13th.  The February system dumped over 5 inches of snow to locations east of Springfield but only officially accumulated to 1.7″

In terms of precipitation, Springfield came in at 6.15″ which is on the dry side of normal by 1.88″

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