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Transforming a liquid to contain alcohol (ethanol) or souring a food (latic acid) is how I define zymurgy. The science of doing these things is referred to as zymology. 

My experience to date has been almost exclusively with beer but I have made a batch of mead, cider and vinegar too.

The transformation is brought about through the use of a microorganism such as yeast or bacteria.  In light of this, the list of foodstuffs can actually be broadened to include bread, cheese, yogurt and any pickled product.






While I primarily make beer,  I have hopes of delving into the other listed fermentables one day. 

Fermentation is not to be confused with distillation.  Distillation takes a fermented product (barley and some corn as an example) and heats it to remove the water and concentrate the alcohol (making corn whiskey).  Spirits are basically a distillation of a fermented product.