Or zymology, dealing with the fermentation process.  Fermentation produces ethanol, which we all know better as just alcohol.

Yeast is the wonderful little critter which transforms simple sugars into alcohol, producing carbon dioxide as a by-product.

What kind of alcohol can you make through fermentation?


I make beer at home and within this page you will find my ideas and reflections on this hobby.  I have hopes of delving into the other listed fermentables one day.  Many friends of mine enjoy this hobby and perhaps you’ll hear from one of two of them from time to time.

Fermentation is not to be confused with distillation.  Distillation takes a fermented product (barley and some corn as an example) and heats it to remove the water and concentrate the alcohol (making corn whiskey).  Spirits are basically a distillation of a fermented product.  While spirits are simply another step of zymurgy, there is nothing simple (or legal!) about making this at home!

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