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 MSU Chase Class Video 2009

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How would you like to track down severe storms over the central U.S. during the peak of thunderstorm and tornado season?  You wouldn’t have to drive or know anything about storms, it’s a guided tour where you sit back and let someone else take you to ground zero of severe storm development.  What if the tour guide was a 27 year veteran of tracking and forecasting severe storms in the Ozarks?

If severe storms excite you, if you are awestruck by the raw power of nature, if the thrill of the chase is something you’d like to experience then I have a program for you…

Missouri State Storm Chasing

In 2009 and 2011, I led students from Missouri State University on a storm chase class.  It was fantastic!  The students woke up to a weather briefing each morning where the day’s severe weather possibilities were outlined and discussed. Then about 22 students loaded into three vans and off we went in search of severe storms.  Our chases took us from Texas to Wyoming, Colorado to Iowa.  Every day was different, we saw lots of wonderful storm structure and features including wall clouds, gust fronts, gustnadoes, anticyclonic storms, amazing lightning shows and of course tornadoes!  At the end of the day, we checked in to the nearest motel and then started the whole thing over the next day.

Now, My Personal Tours

Tornado Near Anthony, KS

What I did in an academic setting I would now like to offer to the general public.  Coming this spring, you can go on a storm chase tour with Tornado Ted!

The sum of my experiences as a television meteorologist, severe weather forecaster and tracker and storm chaser will be available to you during the tour.  Stories from television broadcasting, major severe weather events relived from someone who was there, discussions of why storms form and complete explanations of what we are seeing as we see it are just some of the things I offer during the tour. Imagine being able to ask questions about all aspects of weather including severe storms anytime you like.

The Tours

All of the details are up now on this site.  When reading through the pricing, note that there are significant ways to save money including finding a roommate, referring and paid guest or being a full-time teacher or student.

  32 Responses to ““Tornado Ted’s” Storm Chasing Tour”

  1. Ted,
    I would be very interested in chase vacationing with your new venture, especially if it is going to be academic in nature. Once you get the particulars worked out, please let me know.

    Shane Lee
    Cabot, AR (Little Rock metro)

  2. We are very interested in more information! Would love to go on a Storm Chase!!
    Debbie and Darrell Wray

    • Debbie,
      I’ll have a complete schedule by the end of the week along with prices. I hope you and Darrell will sign up!

  3. I have always loved storms. Would love to have more information on prices and times etc. Sounds very exciting.

  4. I am absolutely interested in a chase. I am a weather junkie and always looking to learn more about reading the GFS & NAM models when it comes to severe weather. Long time fan of yours grew up only watching you for accurate severe weather coverage.

  5. I would like to get more info to. I have always liked storm spotting when i was a volunteer firefighter. I would like to learn more on how to do it safe. Hope to.hear from you soon.

  6. Hi Ted,

    My wife and I would also be interested in going on a tour. We are looking forward to finding out more details!

  7. I’d love to go Ted! 🙂

  8. Ted,

    That is definitely something I would be interested in. I have always had a great interest in weather and have always wanted to storm chase.


    Blake Towe

  9. Would definitely love to hear more about this! I’ve been wanting to do this for years and there’s no one I trust more when it comes to weather than Tornado Ted! I look forward to hearing the details when you post them.

  10. Please send me some information when you have it!

  11. Sign me up!

  12. this would be great for my husband. He is a paramedic for mercy. He was one of the first one’s to spot the tornado that hit Stockton…

  13. Ted, I miss your presence on tv. Always trusted your expertise May The Lord bless you in your new
    adventure. I’m retired now perhaps I would be able to attend a chase sometime.I have a B.S. in Forestry
    and Plant and Soil Science Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. 1980. Also I attended the
    University of Nevada Las Vegas for one year where I took a Meterology class tought by a local tv
    weatherman. That would have been 1972. Let me know how your plans progress.
    Sincerely,Dan Cowsert

    • Dan,

      Thanks for your wonderful words, they mean a lot! I think a weekend chase is coming up, I’ll send you the e-mail


  14. Ted,
    My son has been interested in becoming a Meteorologist for some time now. He is 21 and is still talking about it. He wants to be a storm chaser and was wondering how he could get some insight from you and what it takes to go on a chase. We moved here to Nixa in 2000 from Nebraska, I think that is where he gets his interest or seeing the tornado form that hit Battlefield, while standing with me on our front porch and taking pictures of the funnel cloud. Please let me know. Thanks and thanks for your years of service.

  15. Kurt,
    Your son can contact me at anytime. It is a thrill to chase storms. Sometimes it’s sobering as with the horrific storm in Moore yesterday. Storm chasing is expensive and time-consuming! But after you see a tornado, you will never forget it!

  16. Ted I would love to be a storm spotter or chaser. I’ve always been intrested

    • Duane,

      Sorry, I have fallen behind on my personal site so I just now received your message. Tell me more about what you would like to do.


  17. i love u Ted and will be in contact with you soon! this is Kassidy Koenemann…..watching the weather and keeping my reps safe! sorry i havent contacted u back yet i will on my next day off! take care & keep keeping us updated ! you are the BEST! STAY SAFE AS ALWAYS HOPE TO BE CHASING STORMS SOON!

  18. where have you been Ted? waiting anxiously for a responce! have a great day!

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