Not Gone, Just Movin’ On!


As of  Thursday, the last day of January 2013, I am no longer employed at KOLR/KOZL-TV.  I am leaving on good terms.

Because it’s matter of personal integrity, it’s important for me to state that my diminished presence on the air over the last year and four months was not my idea.   I am not someone who chooses to give up or fade away. Quite the opposite actually, I am always looking for new ideas and challenges in my life.

Being on television for the past nearly twenty seven years has been an amazing experience!  I have met so many people, experienced many new things and made some great friends.  The people of the Ozarks are fantastic! Nearly everywhere I go, people say “hey, your the weatherman!”.  It’s a warm and good feeling for a somewhat reserved, only child from Chicago!

It’s been an honor to be at the helm during times of severe weather in the Ozarks and we have had our share of storms over the decades!  From the day after Thanksgiving tornado of 1991 to the significant tornado outbreaks of 2003, 2006 and 2008 and of course the notorious Joplin tornado, I have tracked and provided live coverage for them all.  And let’s not forget the crippling ice storms and blizzards!

As for the future or “what are you going to do?”,  well, first let me say that I have been forecasting and following the weather in the Ozarks since 1986 and I have no intention of stopping!  As many of you know, I have a large presence on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube and Linked In.  If you are reading this then you already know I have a personal web site on which I blog about weather on a daily basis.  Look to these internet and social media outlets for my continuing coverage of our crazy weather in the Ozarks!

I have been an instructor of Weather and Climate at Missouri State University (MSU) nearly all of the 27 years I have lived in the Ozarks and that role continues.  I have also had the privilege of guiding two classes of students into the Great Plains in search of severe storms and tornadoes. These academic versions of a storm chase tour were a huge personal achievement for me and were very exciting!  While these classes were only available to students at MSU, I have some exciting news for those of you who wish to join me on a personal guided storm chase tour this spring!

For those of you in the legal profession, I provide expert legal testimony in cases involving weather.  My list of cases to date can be found here.  If I can be of any assistance to you, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

If anyone is wondering if I am seeking a full-time job in something other than weather, my answer is that I am open to anything at this point. It’s all on the table!

I have family in the Ozarks and I have no plans on leaving.  This has been my home for over a quarter of a century and I look forward to new adventures and experiences!

A big thanks to all of you who have watched me over the years.  Stay in touch and you’ll be seeing me around!

Ted Keller


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  1. Ted,

    I am sorry to see you go! I have been a KOLR10 fan since 1991 and have always enjoyed watching you and the team you worked with do your jobs. I so miss Joy and Tom. Now you are leaving! I wish you the best of luck in your future! You were one of the best!!!

  2. When the weather became ominous, you’re the one I turned to and you have been the most knowledgable weatherman on the air in this area. KOLR10 is no longer my station of choice. Where you go, I will follow!

  3. Ted, I’m so glad to have found your site. I didn’t know about it until Sonya Kullman (she works with us at Mercy now) told us about it and about your decision to leave KOLR 10. I do not understand the networks need to bring in “new blood” when we were thrilled with and trusted who we had. It makes no sense to me, especially when it comes to weather forecasting. How can we know the new person well enough to trust them? I wish you success and happiness in your new adventures. Sometimes that little push is all we need to begin a wonderful new chapter to our lives we never would have envisioned before. Much luck and love to you!

    • Jenni,
      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment, it means a lot to me! You are right, new adventures await! I’m actually very excited to be free to move about the cabin as they say. Thanks for the love!

  4. I have to say, that I couldn’t help but wonder why the “newbie” Jamie Warriner is the chief meteorologist at KOLR10. I worked there many years ago, and I miss seeing Joy on the news and I miss seeing you and Tom Trtan doing the weather. It’s my understanding that it wasn’t his choice to stop doing the weather and co-host the 4 p.m. show. I will keep reading your weather blog! I really hope Springfield doesn’t have widespread outages on Thursday!

  5. Ted,
    My husband and I miss you terribly. We were afraid that you were ill. So glad you’re not. It’s certainly not the same without You, Joy and Tom doing news and weather. Good Luck in your new adventures.
    Wishing you and your family the very best.

  6. Missing You, but got on my Favorites!

  7. You were the BEST and the only one that the viewers could TRUST, BELIEVE. Guess I start watching Ron Hearst .

  8. I have watched you do the weather since you first came to town, and you have always been the only one I watched and trusted!! I am so sorry you’re not there, and I no longer watch KOLR10. I no longer watch weather anywhere! So glad you have this blog. My 2 girls grew up watching you too, and my oldest, who lives in Portland, Oregon, reads your blog, and told me about it.

    Best wishes, and hope to see you again on TV!

    • Martha,
      I’m glad to have had viewers such as yourself and your family over the years! Turn the page, weather lives on via the Internet.

  9. Ted, You will certainly will be missed. We sure did enjoy your weather casts and will so miss you on KOLR 10. Thank you for all the good work and calmness in the storms. I agree with the Majority that I don’t care for some changes either. Will follow you here and on FB keep up the good work and be careful out in the field.
    Andrea G.

    • Andrea,
      I appreciate your comments and I’m happy I have followers such as yourself. I will continue to cover weather in the Ozarks, that you can be sure of! I will take it easy out in the field!

  10. Ted, at age 66 and after watching and trusting your weather expertise for over 9 years I can say you are the “Best of the Best”! I have been concerned for a while watching your friends like Jill,Joy and Kate disappear and guess the tv10 and 27 owners think they are saving with lower paid newbies but they will definitely lose many longtime viewers and advertisers too. Hope to see you back on one of the Spfg. channels soon.
    Norb Harrison,Ar

    • Norb,

      Thanks a bunch! Your words mean a lot to me. Television isn’t what it used to be. All of the people you listed left for a variety of reasons but no doubt one underlying factor is the uncertainty of revenue in television and what it is driving some owners/managers to do or try.

      Meanwhile, the Internet and social media provide me with a voice and I plan on staying in the Ozarks and covering weather.


  11. Gosh Ted…My wife and I moved to the N. Central Arkansas area 4 yrs. ago and, not knowing 1 channel from another, liked KOLR the best because you all had a separate forecast for us Arkies below the state line…well, that went the way of the hula hoop but by then we were hooked on Ted’s ability to say nuggets of wisdom, unscripted & easily understandable!!! Please do stay in the area…let me know if you will ever be speaking in the Harrison/West Plains area as I would be so proud to get to visit with you first hand! I also hope that you know what it means to have Jesus Christ as your Saviour and Lord…because if you do you really don’t need anything else to have true peace and tranquility…else you can have all else in the world and be without anything of substance when things turn gritty and tough! Thank you for being the very best weather personality we’ve ever seen in almost 60 years!!!! bk

    • Baird,
      Thanks for your wonderful comments! I have no plans to leave the area. I do a lot of weather posting on social media and on Ozarks Weather.

  12. Hi Ted,
    Just now getting around to checking on your status. We surely do miss hearing your weather reports. Having you at the helm gave us a good feeling especially during tornado season. Best wishes on your next endeavor and keep chasing those storms. That takes someone with a lot of backbone.
    Thanks again.

    • Hi Guys,
      Thanks, I haven’t gone away and certainly not during severe weather! Ozarks Weather continues to expand. Yes, storm chasing is great and I’d love for folks to sign up for a tour!

  13. I wondered why we were seeing less of you, which I was not very happy about. When I think Ted Keller, I think KOLR 10, not the other way around. You were the reason we even started watching them. I couldn’t tell you the name of another weather man and I have no clue who does KOLR 10 weather now. So you made a big impression on my family.

    I rarely watch KOLR 10 News these days, maybe the lack of your presence and the many changing faces all the time. Nothing comfortable about different people all the time.

    My son looks up to you, (he is the one that pointed me here). He is big into weather and always talked about you and keeps up with you via FB or something like that.

    You truly are loved and missed.

    Best wishes in all you future plans!

    • Thanks so much! Folks who take the time to express their feelings are truly special in my book.

      I’m all over the place on Facebook and daily on Ozarks Weather

      I also run storm chasing tours, the information is on the same site.

      Thanks again


    • I couldn’t agree more with B. Wilson; my feelings exactly!

      Mr, Keller, tt was a GREAT surprise to see you featured on KY3 this week; I stopped everything I was doing and watched it. KY3 should hire you, if only part time at first. Really! I can tell from watching the people on the news and weather that KY3 is very well managed and that everyone enjoys their job. That just jumps out at me every time I watch the news. I have no idea who the manager is, but it’s obvious he/she knows what they are doing.

      I always loved watching your most accurate forecasts, but we had no choice but to switch to KY3, as when KOLR went digital, they dropped their power and we could no longer receive their OTA signal. Ron and Brandon are great, but you should absolutely be on their team.

      You’re not as pretty as Sarah and Abby, but my wife and I agree we’d rather see you . 🙂

      I wish you success in whatever you decide to do.

      • Mike,

        Sorry, when the weather gets rough, I get buried in contacts!

        It was a surprise for me as well. They were very kind to give me some air time. KY3 has had years of consistent quality and a more importantly, quality and consistency!

        I agree, I have a face for internet weather! Speaking of which, I don’t use this web site much for weather any more. Try:

        Thanks for your kinds words!


  14. Been missing you Ted, so did a search this morning to determine your whereabouts. Sorry to hear of this development. Local weather forecasting is not the same without you. Too many changes over at KOLR in recent years … management there will eventually regret staff decisions, if they haven’t already. Wishing you and yours the best in the days ahead.

    • It’s about money and a desperation to improve ratings. Unfortunately, weather was made the scapegoat. Clearly it was years of bad news or missing news judgement which helped to contribute to poor viewership.

      I really appreciate your kind words! I’m still on social media and I update weather frequently on my web site:

      I’m around and I have no plans on leaving or giving up my passion for weather!


  15. I have been watching on and off for years. Got my weather from Ted Keller. Then no Ted Keller. I miss your face. I always liked the way you handled bad weather. My kids never panicked when you came on with weather updates. Now they are grown and we all miss you!!!


    • MaryAnne,

      Thanks for the kind words. They mean a lot to me! “That’s show biz” is the only way I can describe what happened.

      I’m not leaving the Ozarks and I have no intention of giving up weather. You can find me now on “Ozarks Weather”:


  16. Just wanted you to know you are missed. You were our go to guy for weather and now we are at a loss. Glad to have found your blog and will be putting in in my favorites. Please continue to keep us informed with accurate weather as you always have. Thanks for your years of service to the Ozarks!

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