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My Salesforce Journey

It all starts with awareness, evaluation, defining a path and faith!

Awareness is easy. My wife got on board with Salesforce many years back. Through pure osmosis, I already knew about Salesforce. I remember listening to her talk about dashboards, permissions, integrations, apps, earning badges, achieving certifications, DreamForce and much more. She became leader of a local Salesforce User group.

Salesforce, it turns out, is in a LOT of places. I remember commenting early on that the name is not “Salessuggestion”…it is “SalesFORCE!

Evaluation was next for me. The single best tool to do this was actually produced by Salesforce and it’s called Trailhead. What a fun way to learn about Salesforce! It helps you to define where you want to go and logs your progress as you travel, well, the trail. Through a series of badges and recommended trails, one can quickly learn the basics of this platform.

So what is Salesforce? At it’s very core, it is a cloud-based CRM (Customer-Relation Management) system. But it is so much more. There are tons of apps and data analytics available. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be applied to workflows within Salesforce to maximize efficiency.

Salesforce helps companies and organizations, among other things, to:

  • keep customers
  • make sure customers are happy
  • report on special insights
  • seek out executive customer acquisition

The purpose of this page? To document my journey into the world of Salesforce. It starts with the Trailhead program. So at least for the next several months, I will add to the gallery below when I finish trails and earn badges. My immediate plan is to “earn and learn” and lead myself to certification testing hopefully by the start of summer 2020. From there, who knows? But defining a path and having faith will likely take me a long way!

Trailhead Badges and Points

5/15/2020: 32 Badges, 26,250 Points

Trailhead Trail Advancement

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