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Marco and Laura

Two budding tropical storms are worth noting as we head into the work week.

“Marco” was classified as a hurricane early today. It will continue to develop over warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico today and tonight. It is expected to make landfall some where in the Lousiana Delta region on Monday morning.

Laura is showing good organization this morning. It’s track was adjusted from a few days ago and it now appears it will track over Cuba. Once out in the open Gulf, it too will find warm waters and favorable conditions for development. It will have more time to strengthen than Marco and has a higher potential to become a stronger hurricane.

Laura is forecast to be somewhere in the central Gulf on Tuesday morning.

Will either of these storms impact the Ozarks? At this point, Marco is not likely to have an impact.

On the other hand, what’s left of Laura has at least of chance of passing over or close to the Ozarks by late week. This would especially be true if it were to make landfall over Texas.

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