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Heavy Rains Still On Tap: UPDATE

UPDATE Wednesday Morning

The next batch of rain will overtake the area today.

Rainfall reports from the Oklahoma Mesonet show 1-2″ totals over about 12 hours. Locally, over 3″ was records. In wasn’t solid rain but very heavy where it fell. Expect similar rain totals today in the Ozarks as the pattern shifts into out area.

Humidity through a great depth of the atmosphere remains high and the winds are set-up to transfer moisture in the lower levels directly into southwest Missouri.


The outlook for the rest of week is still very wet and cool.

The projection for rainfall for the next 5 days is shown. This is in addition to what fell yesterday.

Widespread 3-4″ totals are expected this week. A few areas could see up to five inches of rain.

The rain is generally welcome and does have the advantage of being spread over multiple days.

Cooler weather will prevail in this pattern. Days will be spent mostly in the seventies with an occasional lower eighty.

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