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Cooler and Wetter Weather Ahead

When compared to many summers, the Ozarks have been running slightly hot and dry. During the upcoming week, the both of these trends will change.

The jet stream is energizing and dipping southward to flow out of the northwest this week. This will replace the ridge of high pressure which has been in control now for several weeks.

Cooler temperatures will result. Some days will see high temperatures staying in the lower eighties.

There will also be a spike in shower and thunderstorm chances and cloud cover in general during the upcoming week. It looks now as if the heavier rain will be just to our west in Kansas and Oklahoma for the early portion of the week. However, more generous rainfall appears likely toward the end of the week. Widespread 2-3″ rainfall is in the forecast.

The cool front bringing the change will arrive in the Ozarks on Monday.

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