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Making Apple Cider Vinegar, Part 3

The results are in!

In this particular run, adding yeast to my juiced apples came off without a hitch. The other bottle, where I let nature take its course, not so much!

This was the first step toward making apple cider vinegar. An anaerobic process in which yeast converted the sugars in apple juice into alcohol.

I sampled the cider and it came out great. While I didn’t do a gravity reading to calculate alcohol by volume (ABV), it think it’s above 10%.

So at this stage, we have apple cider. At this point, I could bottle it with a tad more sugar to activate any remaining yeast cells which would produce more CO2 and carbonate the cider. It would be considerably less sweet than store-bought cider. But is this another video!

It’s on to the next stage now after a vinegar “mother” was added to the cider. What will happen now is another conversion where the microbes in the mother will consume the alcohol and produce acetic acid as a by-product. At the point, apple cider vinegar will be mine!

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