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Weekend Thunderstorms May Produce Severe Weather


The risk today (Saturday) overall is unchanged.

Sunday is much the same too except for a slightly larger risk for severe storms in Kansas and Okalahoma.

I mentioned Monday below as a possibility for severe weather. The SPC did put the Ozarks in some severe risk for this day as of the morning update.


After a pristine week in the Ozarks, thunderstorms threaten once again this weekend.

A combination of more humid air, a stalled cool front and an upper level disturbance will help to trigger thunderstorms on Saturday and Sunday, some of which could be severe.

On Saturday, storms will be very isolated and mostly likely focused to the northwest of Springfield (but really possible anywhere). Hail and gusty winds are the main threat.

Sunday will see the same isolated threat during the daytime and early evening. The difference is a strong signal for a nocturnal line of storms to cross Kansas and arrive in the Ozarks in the pre-dawn hours of Monday.

Also, I think Monday holds the possibility of more severe storms (maybe a “sleeper” chance) which I’ll watch over the weekend.

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