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Severe Storms Possible Saturday

After a week of relatively dry air for the season (dew points in the 50’s and low 60’s), the air will change over the weekend.

Higher dew points (which have already kicked in today) will lead to more unstable air which will be noticed across the Ozarks on Saturday.

The unstable air will be enough to fuel storms, some of which could be severe.

The overall wind shear needed to hold storms together at the supercell level is small. In this case, stronger storms will be capable of hail and some gusty winds.

A cool front will try to make it into the Ozarks this weekend but it won’t move all the way through. In fact, it will wiggle back and forth into next week.

Speaking of next week, there are additional chances for severe storms as a series of upper level disturbances interact with the front and with cool air boundaries left by whatever storms do develop.

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