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Ramping Up to My First Salesforce Certification Test

When I started hitting the Salesforce road hard starting back in March of 2020, my first set of goals revolved around Trailhead.

Trailhead offers a set of modules to learn more about nearly every aspect of Salesforce. You complete modules and receive badges. There are super badges. There are pre-defined paths called Trails and popular groups called Trailmixes. You picking up the theme here? It’s actually fun and kinda cute.

However, with my Salesforce Admin Certification test just over one week away, I knew I needed more information and help about the actual certification test. So work on badges has come to a halt for now.

By the way, the test is proctored remotely. You set up a camera so they can see you are not referencing any material during the test. In other words, creating not allowed!

I’m using two resources that have proved to by very helpful. Focus on Force is a set of learning guides and practice exams. While it does cost money ($19 for a guide and $19 for a set of practice exams to go with it), I have found it very helpful so far. Another helpful resource is Quizlet which I have not checked extensively yet but will has the test date gets closer.

All of the certification tests let you know the relative weight of each set of subjects. So example, the Admin Certification will have 14% of the questions focus on Standard and Custom Objects. Focus on Force breaks down the study by these assigned percentages. Each group has a practice exam. Finally, there are whole exams to practice on.

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