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Upper Low Tornadoes

As the Ozarks watches a lazy low pressure system aloft slowly drift east today, it is possible a few funnel clouds may form or even a weak tornado.

It situations like this, the spinning of the upper level low imparts a general rotation to individual cells or lines of storms.

When this is coupled with very unstable air in the very lowest portion of the atmosphere, it is possible for very shallow and weak tornadoes to form.

At this writing, the most favored area for this type of tornado is over north-central Arkansas and south-central Missouri.

It would be possible anywhere enough sunshine can destabilize the air to its fullest.

Generally, these types of tornadoes occur to the northeast and east of the advancing upper level low.

FYI: the low explains usual storm movement too. To the west, they are moving from the north and to the east, the storms move from the south.

The SPC Index For This Type of Tornado Valid at Noon Today

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