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Making Apple Cider Vinegar at Home: Part 1

I’ve made vinegar before but its been a while.

I choose apple cider vinegar this time for several reasons.

First, this will be a two-step fermentation. First, I need to get the sugars in the apple to convert to alcohol. Then, the alcohol will be converted to acetic acid which is vinegar.

Also, I love both apples and vinegar so it makes perfect sense!

One more consideration: I’ve been saving a vinegar mother starter in the form of the last ounce or so of a store-bought but pure and raw apple cider vinegar.

Along the way, I’ll experiment with different methods. Since I brew beer, it makes sense to me to break this into two physical steps with the first one very similar to brewing.

There are also ways of taking apples, cutting them up, a letting nature take its course.

I can juice the whole apples or use concentrate.

Also, an end goal would be to produce a vinegar mother. One I have this, vinegar can be made again and again!

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