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The Spring (2020) of Large Hail in the Ozarks!

We had some pretty wicked hail this year!

Three days in particular really hit us hard:

  • March 27th
  • May 3rd
  • May 4th

On all three of those dates, the hail fell primarily from “elevated” storms. These are storms where the unstable air is displaced aloft. The updrafts capable of supporting large hail are connected to how unstable the air is at this level.

Be sure to scroll down for a link to download the hail information in KML format!

March 27th

This day had only passing mention of storms and they were expected to be primarily north of Springfield.

But storms which developed over northeast Oklahoma moved quickly into the Ozarks. One in particular was responsible for some of the largest hail around Hartville.

May 3rd

These storms came out of the northwest and formed a bowing line segment. This “derecho” started in Kansas and ended up going past Nashville TN later that day!

One storm in particular formed slightly ahead of the line as was responsible for a nasty swath of hail from near Asbury to Mt. Vernon and hit the towns of Oronogo, Carthage, Avilla and LaRussell very hard!

Areas around Branson were also struck my up to baseball-sized hail.

Large Hail near Hollister (photo from Rhianna Caruso)

May 4th

Several bands of thunderstorms moved over southwest Missouri on this day.

Areas around Carthage were hit again. Another storms traced over southern Greene County with hail at least golf ball in size.

Hail in South Springfield (Photo by Steve Lee)

KLM File Download!

I have organized the severe hail (1 inch or larger) reported this year in southwest Missouri into a KML file. It is arranged by size and date. I’m really proud of my little hail icons. Enjoy!

Severe Hail in Southwest Missouri Through May 4th - KML File (45 downloads)

Link to hail explanation at the NSSL

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