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Weather Pattern To Finish April

We experienced a period of below normal readings in the middle of April.

Springfield dropped below freezing 3 times during the period of the 9th through today (21st). The coldest morning was the 18th when it dropped to 27 degrees.

To take out the rest of April, the weather will have its ups and downs but probably average out near what you would expect for this time of year. Highs should be in the sixties with some seventies thrown in too.

As for precipitation, a few chances most notably tomorrow (Wednesday) and then again this weekend but after that, fairly dry.

The upper air jet stream flow seems to be trending toward a split pattern (what meteorologists would call a more amplified pattern) toward the end of April. This would favor colder-than-normal air in the eastern U.S. while the west would be a tad warm. The Ozarks would be in the middle of this pattern.

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