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Cooler Weather Trend Late Next Week

After a warm couple of days, the trend will be toward cooler air by late in the week and beyond.

Generally, the jet stream flow determines the average temperature pattern.

Early this coming week, the flow is up and over us (a ridge of pressure) and we will be warm. Eighties are in the forecast Tuesday and Wednesday.

But starting late this week, the trend reverses. The mean flow (picture below) is down on us (trough of low pressure)

I see high temperatures only reaching the forties on a few days.

Lows are a bit more concerning this time of year. Computer models are spitting out lows near freezing. I certainly wouldn’t rule out a night where we drop below freezing but the details this many days out are just not knowable.

Climate Prediction Center Forecast
“Euro” Model Temperature and Precipitation Forecast
Mean Jet Stream Flow

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