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Building a Wind Chime From Stuff I Already Have: Part 2

Today I worked outside, before the showers and cold front arrived, to cut the lengths of tubing necessary for the wind chime.

I decided to use the larger piping and figured out I can make a 5 chime set.

The notes I decided on are from the pentatonic scale. Because lower frequencies don’t chime precisely for larger pipes, I worked it out to start on note D5 and end up on C6. Here’s are the measurements using Lee Hite’s nifty spreadsheet:

DIY Wind Chime Calculator

C5523.3025     5  5/8
C#/Db554.4024  5/165  7/16
D587.3023  5/85  5/16
D#/Eb622.3022 15/165  1/8
E659.3022  1/45     
F698.5021  5/84  7/8
F#/Gb740.0021     4 11/16
G784.0020  7/164  9/16
G#/Ab830.6019 13/164  7/16
A880.0019  1/44  5/16
A#/Bb932.3018  3/44  3/16
B987.8018  3/164  1/16
C61,046.5017 11/163 15/16
C#/Db1,108.7017  3/163  7/8
D1,174.6116 11/163  3/4

Link to Lee Hite’s website

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