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Cost, Benefit and Solar

Whatever you do in life:  raise kids, pay for a car, invest in a house, subscribe to a service, buy concert tickets, play golf, collect things, obsess about your garden, etc, there is a cost and a benefit. Sometimes the benefit is just practical; other times it brings you pleasure or entertainment.

The benefit of electricity is obvious and it’s a mix of practical and pleasure.  We need it be comfortable, informed, healthy and entertained.

The cost of electricity is something all of us just accept.  We have to have it.  But if you sit down and actually do the calculation on how much you spend, you might be shocked:

In the table above, even a modest background inflation rate of 3% means you will shell out over $65,000 in 25 years for your power.

Enter solar energy: a reliable and proven way to generate your own electricity which reduces the cost of “the juice” we simply can’t live without!

As an investment, solar is hard to beat. Investments in the stock market are subject to short term change. The cost of electricity will never go down and a solar energy system will last for decades. These two points combined are enough. But remember, you will eventually own the system…pure profit for you!

And since solar pays you back while you pay it off, you will get your investment back in a relatively short amount of time.

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