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The Four Pillars of Solar Energy

In my previous role as an energy consultant, I have presented solar energy to hundreds of people.

During that time, I was able to condense my discussion into what I call the “Four Pillars” of solar energy. These pillars basically define why you would want to consider going solar.

As you review them, ask yourself how you feel about each of the pillars. The higher your “score”, the more likely solar is a good fit for you.

You own a power plant!

The idea of converting the sun’s energy into electricity isn’t exactly new.

What is new? Well, for the first time in human history, you can have a power plant on your property which generates the same electricity you get from the power company.

The power company considers you a bonafide supplier of electricity to not just yourself but the grid.

There is a “gee whiz” or “cool” factor to this!

Of course, it represents of level of control for you as well.

Helping with the environment

Generating even a portion of your power through solar is a cleaner choice.

It means that less coal or gas was burned somewhere as a result of your self-generation of electricity. Cutting down on fossil fuel burning reduces particulate matter, noxious gasses and CO2 in the atmosphere. A good thing!

Money-Saving Choice

Simply put, going with solar is a hedge or protection from future rate hikes from the power company. What you pay for power will go up in the future, solar offers a fixed-cost alternative. Once you have ownership, that changes to no cost. By that time, can you imagine what the cost of power will be?

Increased property value

A person owning solar has a tangible and demonstrable commodity on their property. Generating electricity isn’t atheistic or fleeting. It is a very real need and will be as far into the future as we can go.

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