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Severe Weather Threat Today 3/19/20: UPDATE

Written at 11 a.m.

Many areas have had some pretty decent rains overnight. Flash flood warnings are in effect as indicated. We have lots of low water crossings. As always, take water seriously. Turn Around, Don’t Drown!

As for severe weather, two areas to watch today over southwest Missouri. The first is with the individual lines of storms which will progress over extreme southern Missouri through the day. The second is an area which will grow and develop behind the first batch of storms.

After this first area of storms passes to the east, the atmosphere over southwest and western Missouri will become more unstable. This is contingent on the sun coming out (which I believe it will). The overall wind pattern in this area will be favorable for severe storms. Fast storm motion will be expected with storms that develop. One thing that would discourage long-lasting storms might be the overall shear of the wind as compared to how unstable the air actually becomes. Could be that the wind shears off developing storms before they have a chance to really take root.

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