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Severe Weather Threat Thursday 3/19/20

Thunderstorms will initiate well to our southwest this evening (Wednesday) and a few may be heavy/borderline severe as they arrive at our doorstep toward morning.

Everything will reset tomorrow afternoon. Thunderstorm are expected to develop in the afternoon and evening over southwest Missouri. These will quickly become severe as they head east by evening. Expect this to form into a line to our east as it heads into the area marked “enhanced” east of Springfield.

One area I would watch would be west, northwest and north of Springfield from 11 a.m. to early afternoon. The second area would be right around 6 p.m. in Springfield.

Either area will produce hail and gusty winds. While a small tornado is possible in either time-frame, I might actually put a bit more weight on the early storm cluster.

I am considering a live update but I’m not sure when. Stay alert!

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