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Winter Storm Warning: FORECAST

The next winter storm for the Ozarks will bring a winter mix and also one of the better chances for snow accumulation so far this winter.

Total Snowfall From the NAM Model Through Friday

The precipitation type will be right on the edge for Springfield starting tomorrow (Wednesday) morning. It will start light. I think rush hour and school will be o.k. to start.

The precipitation rate increases by noon. Springfield is still somewhat on the line with precipitation type during this time. If it is snow, it will be very wet with temperatures right around freezing. Better snow chances exist to the northwest of Springfield Wednesday afternoon, perhaps 1-3 inches.

The main push of precipitation accumulation looks to be Wednesday evening into the overnight hours. My feeling for Springfield is 4″ total snow accumulation by Thursday morning.

Kids (and adults!) looking for a snow day would want to bet on Thursday!

Precipitation Type Forecast for 11 am Wednesday
Precipitation Type Forecast for Midnight Wednesday

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