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The Faculty Recital of the Conservatory of the Ozarks 2019

The Conservatory of the Ozarks has been in Springfield now for just over 11 years. It was founded by Heather Leverich in May of 2008.

What I put together in the included video are performances by the teaching staff at the Conservatory at the Faculty Recital. There is a tremendous amount of talent represented on stage during the recital! I hope you enjoy.

You can take music lessons at the Conservatory. What I like about the program is there are monthly opportunities to perform live at various locations in the Springfield area. They also feature special programs with a lovely Christmas recital coming up very soon.

Yes, there is a Keller on stage. My daughter Marisa is a Junior Apprentice Piano instructor. She has one young student now. If you are interested in lessons for a beginner/younger student with Marisa, message me.

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