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Stanley Cup In Town

I’m a newbie hockey fan. Pretty much ignored the sport all of my life.

Then in April of last year, while out on my wedding anniversary get-away downtown, my wife and I watched a Blues game and got hooked.

The back story is really about Skeeball. You see, Falstaff’s downtown has a skeeball machine. Of particular coincidence is that my favorite indoor game is free on Sunday’s. Just open it and press the button, boom, Skeeball balls drop.

Well that Sunday was the same day as our anniversary and a semifinal Blues game. We were with professional “downtowners” Bret and Shelia and they told us what they knew about hockey which, seeing as we knew nothing, was very helpful.

The most important point of this story is that I won most of the Skeeball games…

The second most important point is this day started my interest in hockey which lasted all the way through the post-season and of course ended with the Stanley Cup.

Am I a “fair weather” fan? Might be. Anything with “weather” in the description should be considered. But consider also that when a team does really well or even takes the whole enchilada, one of benefits is increased awareness of the sport. I know hockey doesn’t have a huge fan base. I listened to years of Dan Lucy doing sports and I know it didn’t get a lot of attention. But I have a feeling the fast pace of hockey, now that I’m beginning to understand it more, will stick and keep me watching.

I was at Falstaff’s last night to see the Cup. I lucked out on the rain, there was a line outside and it started pouring right after I got in. The staff was great, taking pictures for everyone with their own phones.

There were three guys dressed in Blackhawk sweaters. It turned quite a few heads. They must be true hockey fans!

Sweater? Don’t you mean jersey? NHL uniforms: a brief history.

I met a guy named Jeff at the bar who filled me in on the whole sweater/jersey thing. He is originally from Chicago like me. Nice chat. I asked him where he sits when watching live hockey. He said center ice, second or third section.

Hockey has a long season. The Blues seem to be on fire. They have a new fan!

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