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The Springfield Missouri Brewery Tour

O.K. to start, we are not professionals! So this won’t be a systematic review of each and every place we visited. There is some talk of the beer we drank but honestly not a lot. It was really just a fun day and a challenge.

But we did hit all nine places in Springfield where beer is brewed and served. That list is (in the order visited):

  • Great Escape
  • 4 By 4
  • Show Me Brewing
  • Tie and Timber
  • Hold Fast
  • White River
  • Mother’s
  • Lost Signal
  • Springfield Brewing Company

I was documenting and predictably the videos just stopped toward the end. Perhaps if we do it again we can reverse the order so the breweries downtown get less inebriated treatment.

It was a surprise when our friend Steve brought in the last surviving bottles of a Imperial Russian Stout we all brewed and contributed to a spent bourbon barrel a few years back.

The video doesn’t actually reveal how the beer tasted so let me tell you it survived the roughly 8 plus years pretty well!

Here’s the video! Look at the bottom of this page for related posts on the making of the bourbon barrel Imperial Russian Stout:

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