Power ReFi

One way to look at solar power is as a “refinancing” of the expense of electricity over the years.

The basic idea is that power is a persistent and unending expense and the rate you are charged for it will continue to climb.  Why not take that money and use it more wisely?

By taking a portion of your power (maybe all of it!) and fixing its cost, you save during the payment period and then ultimately produce free power once it’s yours!

Think renting instead of owning a home. You clearly come out ahead buying a home in the long run. Heck, I’ve even got a program that will allow you to deduct the interest of the solar payment!

Also, like mortgages, you can prepay the loan down without penalty and save a ton on interest.

I’m here. Call, text or email and I will meet with you and show you the specifics for your home and situation. It’s a no obligation/free visit!

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