Hurricane Irma Update 9-10-17

Hurricane Irma is making landfall in the Florida Keys this morning has a category four storm with winds up to 130 mph.

Key West is in the western eye-wall.  A recent wind gust of 91 mph was just recorded there.  The radar dome is just east of Key West with Doppler radar winds being measured as high as 123 mph.

With Irma forecast to basically skirt the western shoreline of Florida, the maximum wind speeds and storm storm associated with the right forward quadrant of the storm will impact many of the larger population centers such as Naples, Ft. Myers and the Tampa/St. Petersburg area.

Storm surge forecasts suggest 9 foot plus around the Ft. Myers area.

Winds in all areas of western Florida will range from 75-130 mph through today and early Monday.

I’m see some evidence of better eye wall organization early this morning. Irma is expected to maintain its strength through most of today with a good possibility of some strengthing in the warm waters off the southwest Florida coast.

Interestingly, some rain bands from what is left of

Simulated Radar Forecast for Tuesday Afternoon

Irma may make it into the Ozarks by Tuesday.

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