Mar 052013

A much different weather pattern arrived overnight.  It’s colder and the wind is brisk!

Shot of Snow

Some areas got a brief shot of snow in the wake of last night’s cold front.

But mainly this system brought in colder air and wind.  The wind gusts now and overnight where commonly in the twenty mph range.

Temperatures will stay in the thirties today with wind gusts in the thirties at times.

Warmer in Steps

Wednesday will be a tad warmer than today.  The great thing about Wednesday is more sunshine and less wind.

The pattern heading into the weekend is a mild one.  Each day will see a temperatures increase, leading to highs in the sixties by Friday.

Hoping for Rain

A large upper level system in the southwestern U.S. might just deliver some good rain the Ozarks and over much of the central Plains this weekend.

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