Mar 042013

6 a.m. Temperature

Today, a fairly strong breeze will offset the relative warmth just a bit with showers expected this evening.

Warm Side

We are on the warm side of a front expected through the area late tonight.  In this case, warm means better than the last week or so with high temperatures just about where they were yesterday in the lower fifties.

The breezy today out of the south will take away from the warmer feel somewhat. Expect gusts in the 20 mph range throughout the day.


I am expecting a sharp front tonight which will blast us with colder temperatures again on Tuesday.  It will be in the thirties all day on Tuesday.  Snow showers may be flying over a broad area of the Ozarks especially tomorrow morning. No significant accumulations are expected.

Gradual Uptick

While Wednesday will still be on the cool side of normal, it will be brighter and less harsh then Tuesday and the start of a warming trend which will take us into the weekend.

By late week, some sixty-degree days are expected.

Model Differences in the Upper Flow Forecas for Sunday

All of this warmth is out ahead of a strong upper-level system developing/moving in the southwestern U.S. by the weekend.  There is lots of disagreement on how this will evolve (insert), with two oft-used computer models varying wildly on the position of the low by Sunday.

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