Mar 032013

Computer Model Temperature Trends

The cold snap is over!  For the most part, much warmer days lie ahead.

Cold Snap

The average high temperature from February 20 – March 2 in Springfield was only 36 degrees!  The high of 30° on Saturday was the second coldest of this winter, last established on Christmas Day with the coldest high of 29° on the day after Christmas.

The trend is upward on temperature over the next week or so with only one set back on Tuesday/Wednesday.


11 a.m. Temperatures

High clouds are blocking some of the sun in the Ozarks but many of these will move on by later this afternoon.  Temperatures will reach into the forties in all areas and reach fifty from Springfield westward.

Monday will be another mild day with highs staying in the fifties to near 60 degrees.

Mini Cold Snap

Tuesday and Wednesday will turn cold again although not as cold as what we just experienced. The front leading the charge may bring a few rain showers with in Monday night.

In the cold of early Tuesday morning, more light snow flurries will return to the area!

Warmer Pattern

The rest of the week will involve watching how a low pressure system in the southwestern U.S. evolves.

While it is happening, the central U.S. will warm up.  I expect some sixties in the Ozarks by Friday and Saturday.

The low may eventually spread some good rains into the central Plains, helping the drought situation out.  Too earlier to know for sure who will get the rain and how much.  The Ozarks may indeed be included in this pattern.



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