Mar 022013

The Sun Will Try Today in Some Areas

The clearing line is just out west, can it get here today?

Wanting Sunshine

It’s been too many days without the sun, part of what has lead to the coldest stretch of the winter season for us!  The light snow and wind added to the winter feel.

It snowed in Springfield for 10 of the last 24 hours.  It was more hours in other locations. Despite the off and on snow, Springfield only measured a trace of the white stuff yesterday.

Highs and Lows Since February 19th

The sun is out in Joplin this morning and it will try in other areas too.


This day has a better shot of living up to its name.  The wind will change direction and shake up this persistent cloud and temperature pattern.

It will be warmer too on Sunday as highs head back into the forties.

Warmer Monday

The warmer trend will continue on Monday.  High temperatures will make a solid run into the fifties.  This is before temperatures crash again!

Tuesday Winter

Once again, a significant shot of cold for the season will slam into the Ozarks on Tuesday.  Snow flurries will once again be flying!  This cold shot won’t last nearly as long as the one we are ready to finish.

Warmer Flow

Upper-Level Flow Forecast for Friday

Already by Wednesday, the jet stream flow aloft will start changing. By the end of the week, arctic air will be bottled up in Canada while warmer southwesterly flow takes over in the central and southern U.S. This will send more fifty-degree days our way!

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