Mar 012013

7 A.M. Temperatures

February is over, a month which turned out to be the most winter-like of the season.

Stuck in Cold

The latest temperature pattern is one of the coldest of the season, reviled perhaps by the cold we experienced around Christmas.  It’s more than the cold, clouds have been very stubborn, the wind has been “present” and flurries continue to fly!

This will largely be the pattern again today.  The flurries aren’t amounting to anything and won’t today either.

Weekend Clearing

This weekend, the clouds and flurries will depart.  This will happen slowly on Saturday with Sunday being the more clear of the two weekend days.

Don’t expect any real change to Saturday’s temperature, we’ll still be stuck in the thirties.  But by Sunday, I’m predicting a return of forties, maybe near fifty!

Milder Days

The overall pattern shift a bit in two phases. The first mini-warm-up will be on Sunday/Monday.

A set-back in temperatures is expected on Tuesday.

Then the rest of the next week looks pretty mild with a few fifty degree days possible!

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