Feb 282013

Large Low Aloft

This last day of February is another very cold one! Hang on, near normal readings are in the forecast.

Large Low

A large low in the upper atmosphere is keeping chilly air in place over much of the U.S. early today.  It is also spinning small disturbances around it, causing bouts of flurries or light snow.

Overall, not much will change over the next few days.  The Ozarks will stay more cloudy than not and temperatures during the day will only reach into the thirties.

Clouds Will Leave

When the clouds start to thin this weekend, over night low temperatures will drop.  Expect some lows in the teens which is pretty cold for early March.  But the return of some sun will certainly help during the day.

Computer Temperature Trends

Milder Air

By Monday, southerly winds will be back and and a real thaw will commence over the area. This warm-up will be short lived as another quick cool front drops through and cools us down on Tuesday.  There might even be more snow showers around on Tuesday!

However, the balance of next week does appear to be milder on average especially Thursday.



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