Feb 272013

Snow Estimates from February 26, 2013 Storm

Winter decided to show up the last week of February with two winter storms affecting the Ozarks!

This last storm dumped up to a foot of snow largely in the same area of central Missouri which got around same total on Thursday.


Advisories for Light Snow

It’s still snowing in portions of the Ozarks this morning.  It could amount to a slight dusting or coating on some less traveled roads especially upstate. The winter weather advisory map outlines the snow area.

The flurries won’t stop this morning. With very cold air aloft for the season and some small disturbances, flurries we still be in play tonight and also on Thursday. No accumulations are expected.

Cold Week

This will be a cold week for the time of year.  We will be stuck in a pattern of highs only reaching the thirties through the weekend.  It may not get above freezing on Saturday!


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