Feb 242013

Another Winter Storm

This will be a pretty nice and mild Sunday even as projections place another winter storm in a portion of the Ozarks by late Monday.

Mild Sunday

Overall, a warmer day is expected in the Ozarks today.  Seasonal norms have climbed since their bottom out back in January with a low/high range now around 29/51. High temperatures will be very close to this mark today.  I expect a lot of sunshine to go with this.

Monday/Tuesday Storm

First off, Kansas City will appears to be on track to add at least another 6″ to their winter snow total!  The heaviest snow band is projected from northwest Oklahoma, into south-central and eastern Kansas and on into central and northern Missouri.  This all happens Monday evening into Tuesday morning.

As for the Ozarks, snow will range from nothing in northern Arkansas to perhaps near 6″ in Benton County Missouri and areas nearby.

I’ve got Springfield on a 1-2″ snow track with totals ramping up the more north you head.

Snow Projection Monday Night/Tuesday

Travel north to Kansas City or west to Wichita will be a mess Tuesday morning!

This again will begin late Monday evening and last into the overnight hours.

Colder Trend

All of next week looks chilly!  All high temperatures will stay in the thirties during the week.

  2 Responses to “Great Sunday, More Snow on the Way”

  1. Hey Ted, what do you make of the morning RUC runs showing this thing totally missing KC? Its all south of there. Maybe a busted forecast for them?

    • It’s more fine-tuned perhaps to the heaviest band only. I almost never look at the RUC, old idea that it doesn’t handle precipitation well!

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