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As of  Thursday, the last day of January 2013, I am no longer employed at KOLR/KOZL-TV.  I am leaving on good terms.

Because it’s matter of personal integrity, it’s important for me to state that my diminished presence on the air over the last year and four months was not my idea.   I am not someone who chooses to give up or fade away. Quite the opposite actually, I am always looking for new ideas and challenges in my life.

Being on television for the past nearly twenty seven years has been an amazing experience!  I have met so many people, experienced many new things and made some great friends.  The people of the Ozarks are fantastic! Nearly everywhere I go, people say “hey, your the weatherman!”.  It’s a warm and good feeling for a somewhat reserved, only child from Chicago!

It’s been an honor to be at the helm during times of severe weather in the Ozarks and we have had our share of storms over the decades!  From the day after Thanksgiving tornado of 1991 to the significant tornado outbreaks of 2003, 2006 and 2008 and of course the notorious Joplin tornado, I have tracked and provided live coverage for them all.  And let’s not forget the crippling ice storms and blizzards!

As for the future or “what are you going to do?”,  well, first let me say that I have been forecasting and following the weather in the Ozarks since 1986 and I have no intention of stopping!  As many of you know, I have a large presence on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube and Linked In.  If you are reading this then you already know I have a personal web site on which I blog about weather on a daily basis.  Look to these internet and social media outlets for my continuing coverage of our crazy weather in the Ozarks!

I have been an instructor of Weather and Climate at Missouri State University (MSU) nearly all of the 27 years I have lived in the Ozarks and that role continues.  I have also had the privilege of guiding two classes of students into the Great Plains in search of severe storms and tornadoes. These academic versions of a storm chase tour were a huge personal achievement for me and were very exciting!  While these classes were only available to students at MSU, I have some exciting news for those of you who wish to join me on a personal guided storm chase tour this spring!

For those of you in the legal profession, I provide expert legal testimony in cases involving weather.  My list of cases to date can be found here.  If I can be of any assistance to you, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

If anyone is wondering if I am seeking a full-time job in something other than weather, my answer is that I am open to anything at this point. It’s all on the table!

I have family in the Ozarks and I have no plans on leaving.  This has been my home for over a quarter of a century and I look forward to new adventures and experiences!

A big thanks to all of you who have watched me over the years.  Stay in touch and you’ll be seeing me around!

Ted Keller


  77 Responses to “Not Gone, Just Movin’ On!”

  1. Happens to all of us at some point, Ted (except for Ned Reynolds). You are a true professional. As someone that was born and raised in the Ozarks, I appreciate the kind things you say about this part of the country. There is life after broadcasting. You’ll be fine as you write a new chapter in your lifebook. Please feel free to contact me if there’s anything I can do. Good luck and thanks for your expertise.

    • Chris,

      Funny you should mention Ned, he’s speaking at my Rotary club this week.

      We talked about this earlier and you’re right, life goes on! I feel real good about the whole thing.

      Thanks for the offer of help, we should get together soon.

  2. Hi Ted,I’m Rick Clawsons mom if you don’t remember(Cindi’s mother in law. Just wanted to tell you HAPPY WEATHER PERSON DAY!!!! Go get free pancakes to celebrate!!!!

  3. So sad to see you leave the airwaves, but I know you’ll find bigger and better things out there.
    We wish you the best in the future, and will still follow you on the web.
    Best of luck!!

  4. Ted,

    I’ve respected you since I started in this profession 17 years ago, and the way you are handling this publicly only underscores that respect. I truly wish you the best.

    • Brandon,
      Words from my colleagues mean a great deal to me. Thanks for the message, I feel real positive about the whole thing actually.

  5. I hate to see you go, my family has depended on your expertise for years. Your twitter posts are great during storms. Its sad that you have been treated as you have, keep us posted on what you are doing and the weather. Good luck in the future I know you will do great things.

    • Barbara,
      I love covering severe storms on Twitter and social media. It’s faster and more efficient.

      Thanks for your kind words!

  6. Ted,
    We have continued to follow you on facebook since leaving the Ozarks in 2010. We still talk about the good times together on our Ireland trip! We wish you continued success in all your endeavors, whatever the future holds. I am surprised that KOLR is letting a person with your personality, talents,
    and love of community get away.

    Jim & Barb Gammill

  7. Good luck with everything, TK! Looking forward to following your wacky-weather updates on twitter. -SD

  8. So sorry to hear that they’re losing ONE of the Best in the Ozarks!!!! Glad to heat that we’re not losing you all together!!!! Will miss you dearly!!!! You and Tom have always been and will continue to be my favorites!!!! You guys rock the world of meteorology!!!! I won’t say goodbye…Science Fellar….I’ll just say….see you on the internet!!!!!! Good Luck and Keep Chasing my friend!!!!

  9. Thanks for letting us know the “back story” and also what you are doing and that you are open to new opportunities. When someone leaves a public position and nothing is said, you always wonder.. I’ve missed your TV presence and look forward to hearing what else you’re doing.
    I hadn’t seen this blog so was delighted to get the link on FB.
    Thanks again for your service and great fortune in whatever comes next!

  10. Now I no longer have a reason to tune in to KOLR-10. I’m actually taking GRY135, but I had to take it online…your class didn’t fit my schedule 🙁 Wish I could say I understand it a little. Best of luck on all your future endeavors!

  11. You’re a great meteorologist and friend. It’s sad to hear you won’t be on the airwaves anymore, but glad you’re doing what you feel is right. We’ll definitely have to chase together some day.

    • Cliff,
      I here you have a day job now, hope you like it!
      No worries here, I’m actually pretty excited about being free.
      Chase? Hey, maybe Sunday if the latest GFS is to be believed.

  12. Hi Ted…I can’t believe it’s been 27 years already! I’m sure you will do well with whatever you do next and I wish you and your family all the best.

  13. Ted, you have too many fans who rely on your expertise to move on too far. Please continue sharing your knowledge with us. We trust you.

  14. You’re a good man, Ted! Appreciate all you add to our community, and pray God’s best for you as you head to the future. Thanks for such great work and concern over these years.

  15. Ted, you will be missed on the airwaves in the Ozarks. We all find that TV is not forever, or just in my case, was not fun anymore. You will find your way. Enjoy your new found freedom!

    • Johnathan,
      Thanks. You’re right, my first love was always weather and I’ll get that part of my life alive and well. As someone else pointed out, more time for brewing!

  16. Been in Branson for seven years now & have ALWAYS enjoyed and relied on YOUR weather forecasts; the only truly reliable forecasting. sorry we won’t be able to see you on ch 10 anymore, so no sense in my watching that news channel in the future. thank you for letting folks know you left/are leaving. people who like and respect you want to know. having relocated from a major city on west coast, i can say with all candor and certainty that politics is alive and (maybe not so well) EVERYWHERE!!! Be well, be happy and stay productive in this new chapter of your life. God Bless You and Family.

    • Ellen,
      Thanks for the compliments! You’ll be seeing me certainly on the internet and who knows what else the future holds!

  17. Ted,

    My wife and I have really enjoyed getting our weather from you and we sincerely wish you the very best. We feel like you will be scooped up somewhere else, in fact I hear rumors that the FOX station is going to start a news team soon. No matter what you have put in so many hours above and beyond the norm to help those folks in sw mo be informed during severe weather conditions.
    I am a salesman at Dennis Hanks Chevrolet in Ozark and you are welcome to stop by for a free cup of coffee anytime. Speaking of Ned, ask him about his Chevy Volt.
    Best of luck to ya Ted, we hope to see you again soon.

    Rich Womack
    Dennis Hanks Chevrolet

    • Rich,
      Thanks for the support. I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished and yes, we’ve had some wild weather in the Ozarks which kept me at the helm for long periods of time. The coverage of severe weather and daily weather will continue on the web of course. As for the future, all doors are open at this point, we’ll see what happens.
      I’ll ask Ned Thursday at Rotary if I can get near him!

  18. Ted, I used to anchor traffic on KOLR-10 Mornings. You are and always have been a class act. I wish you the best!!!!

  19. Hey, Ted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 Not 100% Sure if you remember me or not, Tim from STORM Academy & When you guys were @ The mall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m REALLY Going to miss you doing the WEATHER Here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who’s going to be taking over for you now?

  20. Ted, I’ve watched you for many years, having moved here in 1992. You have always been one class act, and your compassion for others had always come through. Remember, you reap what you sow, so I expect many good things coming your way. Your upbeat, positive attitude is always so encouraging.

    God bless you as He leads you into a new, exciting chapter in your life.

    Neil Ruda

  21. Ted,

    As a faithful viewer, thank you for talking us through all those long stormy nights and blustery days. You helped to shape a lot of us, that weather is not scary but beautifully amazing. We were so blessed to attend some of your weather classes/seminars. My husband and I apply your safety and enthusiasm to alot of the chases we go on today. Our daughters joined us at these classes and since they have grown started joining us in our adventures! We will continue to follow you via the net. See you on the road!

    Warmest wishes in your adventures, may the road be perfectly stormy and be safe;

    Amy & Family

  22. Ted,
    Very sorry for you departure as I enjoyed your forecasting abilities as well as humor. At the time your reduced air time occurred, I wondered if the situation you described was what happened? Guess I was right, unfortunately. Best of luck in your future endeavors. Will miss you on 10.

  23. Ted:

    So sorry to hear about your leaving but can truly feel for your reasons. I too have been in the position and know it isn’t easy to leave. You have certainly done it with class and am wishing you all the best in whatever you seek to do in the future. Once again KOLR has let a good person leave, making you at least the third one in the last two years. I think KOLR needs to wake up and learn to keep the ones with experience instead of bringing in the new ones. I agree with one person’s comments, POLITICS.

    Take care of yourself and enjoy your free time for the moment.


    • Kate,
      Thanks for your support! It was important to move forward. Lots of exciting things in the works. Yes, I intend to wind down a bit a relax!

  24. Hi Ted!
    I was shocked to see this! We know how talented you are and I wish I could go on the storm chase with you! Fun!
    Keep us posted on your new adventures!
    Sarah (Stokes) Herzog

    • Sarah,
      How’s the family? Eau Claire? It’s be so long since I was up there!
      Thanks for the compliment! I’ll post everything I do.

  25. Ted,

    I always said I would leave radio on my own terms, but haven’t been granted that opportunity due to so many budget cuts. Good for you! Life does go on and you will probably still yell at the TV as I do at the radio at times. You will miss it at times, but not all times. And, your roads will take you to different, unfamiliar places; know that it’s for a reason. That’s what I have found. Best wishes in your journey ahead! Will miss seeing you on TV.

    Lisa Robbins

  26. I hate to see you go. Best of luck and I guess I will be getting my weather from you on my phone and watching KY3 for news. Hate to see you go and best of luck to you. I guess I could still tune and watch someone quit smoking. Not that that is really news.

  27. Ted, My wife and I have Been watching your weather forecasts since your very first year at kolr.I have all ready switched to another channel for weather and news.Good luck, keep us all posted.

  28. I cannot tell you how disturbing this is to me. You have always been my “calm in the storm” since moving here from So. California 9 years ago. You can only imagine how I was feeling in the stormy weather. We NEVER had anything like tornadoes so this midwest weather freaked me out! Your calm approach & gentle demeanor made everything all better for me. Every time you had the mobile weather lab out, I was so there! My kids teased me about stalking Ted Keller. Ha! I trust your forecasts & will miss you greatly. Please keep us posted on what you have in the works. I’m sure it will be wonderful. God bless you, Ted.

  29. I knew I could always count on “Tornado Ted” for the best weather forecasts. Not only accurate, but educational. Beck does his best, but he’s no Ted Keller! I hope you can stay here in the Ozarks.

  30. I’ve always enjoyed and trusted your weather casts Ted — sorry to see you go, but truthly, I could see this coming as you were seen less & less. The best to you.

  31. You will be greatly missed in the Stine household ! Best of luck to you !

  32. More time for beer brewing!!!!

  33. Ted,

    Just learned today of your departure from KOLR10. I am very sad to see you go. I have watched you since you went on the air in Springfield. KOLR won’t be the same. Who knows, we maybe watching you again soon elsewhere. Smart others don’t pass up great deals. God speed. Carol

  34. It is a true shame to see you go…..I will keep my exact opinions to myself on this, but let me say that it was a HUGE mistake for them to treat you so poorly! You deserve better! I’ve been watching you since I was 16…..that’s 25 YEARS…it makes me SICK! If it were not for the weather, my wife & I would no longer watch KOLR10-KOZL or KSFX or whatever name they are going by this week!!!! You always have fans & friends with my wife and I Ted! God bless you and your family sir!

    • Bill,
      Wow! You’ve been watching almost as long as I’ve been there. Thanks for your kind words. As I wrote, weather will continue for me in the Ozarks!

  35. Dear Ted,
    We are sorry you are leaving, and we didn’t like the circumstances. We have lived in Branson for the last 23 yrs., and 90% of the time we watched you and KOLR. You are a true professional, and made the weather very interesting. I know you will be in demand in the community.
    When one door closes, another opens.
    I may call you in the Fall to speak to our Military Officers Group/MOAA
    Sincerely, Dave Porter

  36. Ted Keller is another great talent that the folks at KOLR can’t seem to recognize. Their first was losing Tom Dye, and now That Ted moving on means KOLR has no meteorologist with any experience. Yes, they have young talent, but it takes time to get the experience it takes to gain people’s trust. KOLR is no longer the place for dependable weather foreccasts.

  37. I’m more than a little upset (in fact, I’m outraged) with station management for what appears to be a gradual “phasing out” of your airtime, if I have to be honest here. IMO, they were absolute fools to cut back on your presence. You have always been one of the premier meteorologists on local television in the Ozarks region, and you’ll be missed by many. Amazing as to how a successful television station can shoot themselves in the foot without realizing the consequences of their actions (again, my opinion).

    I can’t say as I blame you for leaving. Had it been me, I would have done the same.

    Whatever the case, I’ll continue to follow you on the internet. Best wishes and good thoughts, sir.

    • Gary,
      Thanks for following and for the compliment. You will continue to see me here and on social media. I have things in the works and I feel good!

  38. Hey, stranger!

    Googled you tonight because I’ve been missing you, especially when thinking about spring tornados. Saw sorry to see your news… I just got put out to pasture after 25 yrs building my company up from nothing to a big box… & that really sux… Hate to hear you weren’t ready either.

    My son took your course & loved it! I’m off to find your blog… Glad we gotcha found.

    e in w. plains

  39. Ted, my wife and I moved to Branson 15 years ago and began watching you as our weather man.With you and Joy Robertson on,it felt like family.With Joy gone,it wasn’t the same and now that your gone,well,my wife and I are watching another station. Good luck to you.I hope you can get on one of the other stations and be the Ozark’s BEST WEATHERMAN once again. Harold

    • Harold & Sue,
      Thanks for your support! Joy and I are good friends and we’re all doing fine. I do a lot of work now on my weather website: http://ozarksweather.com including offering storm chasing tours! Check it out when you get a chance.

  40. We miss you!! Especially tonight..

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