Jan 032013

Weather Map for Monday Morning

It’s not as cold in the area this morning.  Most places stayed above twenty degrees.

On the Chilly Side

The trend of colder conditions will last through the weekend.  It looks like our readings will creep up on Saturday, drop back down on Sunday and then turn up again for early next week.

A Flurry?

A weak system in the upper atmosphere might set off a snow flurry late Friday night or early Saturday morning. This is not a big deal.

The weekend still looks generally clear and cool, pretty normal for early January.

Next Week

Temperatures will start to approach or even exceed fifty degrees early next week.

A system which will likely bring rain to the Ozarks will approach by Tuesday and last into Wednesday.

Middle January

Long range projections are supporting a return to colder-than-normal temperatures by the middle of the month.

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