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Isaac Rain

5 Day Rain Forecast

The Ozarks will indeed receive some rain from the area of low pressure once named Isaac later in the week.  But the rain accumulation will not be fair to everyone!

Isaac will make landfall on the Louisiana coast right before midnight tonight.  As a tropical storm/hurricane, it is a minimal storm.  It’s large size and the drawing in of dry air has hampered its strengthening although a slower speed today over warm water will cause some gain of intensity before landfall.

This storm will likely be noted for the flooding rains it will bring to areas of Louisiana and Mississippi.  It will also bring the most significant rains of the past several months to at least a portion of the most severe drought areas including a part of the Ozarks.

The track will tell the story of where the rain areas will be laid down.  This morning, the heaviest rains appear to be headed for eastern Arkansas and southeastern Missouri.  Those areas will probably pick up 3-4 inches of rain, mostly on Thursday night and Friday.

Now, the difference in rainfall will be quite striking on an east-west line through the Ozarks.  Areas closer to Kansas or Oklahoma will receive much less, perhaps less than an inch. Of course, rain is rain and any chance helps.

This rain swath won’t feed the water reserves for Springfield proper very much. Stockton Lake and Fellows/McDaniel will get rain but we sure would like more.  Of course, there is always a chance that the trajectory of left-over Isaac might swing more westward as some computer models insist.  This would be the best news of all for everyone concerned.

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