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Rain and Storm Review for Saturday/Sunday, August 4-5, 2012

Radar Rain Estimates for Saturday/Early Sunday

It’s nice to see a cool front make it to the Ozarks. The latest brought rain and severe wind gusts.

The rain fell from two separate clusters of storms.  The best rains fell in portions of Christian, Douglas and Ozark Counties.  Another pretty good swath ran through portions of Jasper, Dade and Lawrence Counties.  Finally, many locations in Texas and Dent Counties picked up a pretty good rain.

There were quite a few reports of either measured or estimated winds between 50 and 60 mph with a cluster of storms which started in far southeastern Kansas and headed east.  A video review recorded Saturday night at around 8:20 pm sums up most of this.  The storms lost much of their severe punch by late evening.

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