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July 2012

July 2012 Temperature Departure

August is here, July is behind us and of course, it was very hot and very dry!

Most of the Ozarks came in 5-6 degrees above normal.  Springfield Missouri recorded nine record high temperatures and and few record high low temperatures as well.  All of the major reporting stations in the area reported similar stats.  Springfield’s hottest day was 106°. West Plains reached 107°, Joplin hit 109° and Rolla topped out at 104°

Clouds and sprinkles on the last day of the month almost kept temperatures “cool” enough to change our average temperature ranking but with a high of 95°, our average temperature climbed to 84.3°.  The chart included shows the ranking of this July and it looks like fourth (preliminary numbers).  July of last year was just a touch hotter.

85.5 1934
84.8 1954
84.6 2011
84.2 1936
83.9 1901
83.7 1980
82.0 1986
81.6 1966
81.3 1978
80.9 2006
July 2012 Temperatures

It was a dry month. Ironically, the most rain fell in the driest areas of the Ozarks but of course this was still way below normal and barely put a dent in the extreme drought conditions.  Rainfall was spotty and generous to a select few area. Rolla (Vichy Airport) had a total of 4. 85″, most of that falling in two rain episodes early in the month. In striking contrast, Joplin had on a trace of rain!!  Springfield only recorded about a third of an inch of rain. making it the driest July on record.

The Springfield National Weather Service has another July 2012 summary here.

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