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Rain Chance Not Zero, Temperatures Above One Hundred

The Way Rain Looks Lately! (Photo by Ben Rook, Springfield)

Sunday’s high of 106 degrees was the hottest of the year and tied a record from 1986.  Temperatures about in that same range can be expected today!

July is coming to a close Tuesday night and as you might have already guessed, it will rank as one of the hottest.  I’ll have a blog on July and the summer so far coming up mid-week.

Yesterday did see some widely scattered showers and storms in the area.  The same type of activity is expected later today. In fact, it could happen again any day this week.  Don’t count on this rain however, the odds are way against it.  Perhaps the best chance would be Thursday?

High fire danger is still and major concern.  Many grass fires were reported on Sunday, aided by not only the drought, heat and low humidity but also by a bit of a breeze.  All of these conditions are intact for today and the next several days.  Fire will quickly spread outdoors, please don’t burn outside!

Brush Fire Near Dora, MO (Kenneth Warren)

I do see what appears to be a breakdown of the upper level ridge of high pressure. At first, it flattens a bit toward the end of the week. This should allow a front to sag close to the area and bring some rain chances with it.  Also, a shift in the steering winds early next week could bring weak surface high pressure into our area and perhaps slightly cooler temperatures.

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