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Storm Chase, Saturday, April 14th [FORECAST]

SPC High RIsk Today Including Strong Tornadoes

This is the big storm outbreak day which has been talked about for a few days now.

Overall, the set up is much the same. There is an abundance of warm and moist air today.  The jet stream (up high) and low level winds will be very favorable for supercell thunderstorm development with tornadoes likely.

The Storm Prediction Center has been expanding the high risk area northward steadily. I don’t believe we’ll travel into Nebraska, favoring areas of Kansas instead.  There is some question as to the extent of supercell development more south along the dry line. I believe they will happen, it will be trying to figure out exactly where and which ones will be the strongest that will be the trick, as always!

I’ll be video streaming live today as technology permits. I’ll also be doing two live reports on the news: one on KOLR at six o’clock and then again a recap on KOZL Local news at 9 o’clock.


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