Apr 132012

SPC Tornado Probability for Today

First off, some of you probably heard about the high risk of severe storms and a tornado outbreak forecast for Saturday.  This region is over central Kansas and Oklahoma and as it stands now these storms will not travel into the heart of the Ozarks later that night.  Some storms may make it to extreme western Missouri by late Saturday night and the early hours of Sunday.  I’ll blog separately about this shortly.

Second, our storm chase yesterday has a bust!  We travelled to Garden City, KS, hoping the right combination of returning deeper and better moisture and air convergence along the dry line would allow some supercells to develop.  The closest we got to a storm was a valiant attempt by the atmosphere to shoot some towering cumulus clouds up around 7:15 to 7:45 south of Garden City. That was it, barely a blip on radar before they collapsed!  We came back east and I’m writing this from our room in Pratt, Kansas.

So day two of my chase is here and the attention will focus southward into Oklahoma. Overall today, the deep wind necessary to get supercells to develop and the quality of the humidity are much better.  The biggest question is regarding how storm will get going. The dry line is a dependable feature usually (not yesterday!) but there seems to be a lack of anything strong to give it a push so to speak.  It should be interesting.  We’ll drive south into Oklahoma and adjust as necessary.

You can monitor a live video stream and GPS position at the Severe Studios Streaming Site. My name will be listed along with other chasers later today.

Of course if I see anything, tweeting is the most instantaneous method of communication.  Facebook and Google Plus will be updated later and a video will come out if there is anything worthy of recording!



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