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Severe Storms 3/17/12 [FORECAST]

Radar/Satellite at 10 am Saturday

The pattern for the Ozarks looks a lot like Wednesday’s except better upper level winds are present.

At the hour of this writing, a few sprinkles are hitting me on my deck.  Up in Morgan and Camden Counties, a few more energetic cells have formed with some pea-sized hail reported at Preston in Hickory County around 9:38 am.

Extensive cloud cover and these areas of light rain and sprinkles will slow heating and the formation of unstable air over the much of the Ozarks today.

Still, there is enough unstable air when coupled with an area of slight stronger winds aloft to make some of the cells that form during the heat of the late afternoon severe.

Large hail and some gusty winds will be the main calling cards.

The SPC has outlined the eastern Ozarks for severe storm potential and that is the area I would watch for today.



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