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Tornado Outbreak 2/28-29/2012 [REPORT]

Rough Sketch of Damage Tracks

This is the first report on what will always be remembered as the tornado outbreak which produced a tornado on Country Boulevard, Highway 76 in Branson.

But this wasn’t the only area hit by twisters.  Kimberling City, Buffalo and Lebanon, Missouri had probable tornadoes.  Other damage was reported in Lamar, Stockton, Cassville and in Barry County.  The actual number of twisters (and their EF rating) won’t be known until National Weather Service survey teams make their assessments.

One known fatality occurred in Buffalo, MO. Another death has been confirmed in Cassville.

The storms were moving fast, with average speeds of around 60 mph!  They formed under a very strong jet stream.  Also, winds within the lowest mile above the ground were very favorable for rotating storms and tornadoes.


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