New Science Guy

I’d like to introduce a new segment I’ll be doing starting next week during KOZL-TV’s “Live at 4” show.

In the spirit of “Mr. Wizard” or “Beakman’s World” (without the wild hair!), my new segment will feature a principle of science which will both be explained and then demonstrated.

My interest in science is lifelong (I actually know what they’re talking about in “The Big Bang Theory” television show more often than I should admit!).  I’ve also been a teacher at Missouri State University for nearly as long as I’ve been in Springfield now; teaching and explaining things comes very naturally to me.

I’m also a hands-on type of person so look for the live demonstrations to be both fun and entertaining!

Some of you may recall the fun we had on the show back in November when I brought my beer-making skills to the show with a live demonstration of fermentation.

The tentative date of debut is Tuesday, January 10 on KOZL-TV Ozarks Local “Live at 4”.  My tentative topic will be the Bernoulli/Venturi combined effects.

A special thanks goes out to my friend Tom Trtan for suggesting the idea and providing encouragement.  He also gets credit for the name of the segment, “Ted Keller the Science Feller”!


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